1. Organic Poultry Supply

Our entire poultry is fed vegetarian diet, free of hormones, additives and meat by-products.



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2.Hitech & Fully Automatic Cages

We  provide Battery cage systems made of high quality TATA wiron materials and also includes automatic poultry nipple drinker systems, layer feeders and waste collection provision

3. Micro Layer Farms

We set up self-dependent micro farm units, where each micro unit contains battery cages along with  high yielding BV 380 color layer birds that can lay up to 380 eggs for 15 months to beneficiaries . It can be installed on Terrace/ home / nearby vacant plots.

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4. Onsite Egg Collection

We collect the eggs from your door step quoting fixed rates even though market rates vary depending on circumstances. When we bring our trucks load the eggs and transport it tto our farms the rates starts at RS. 4/egg

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5. Serve All Over India

We have a very strong network of  marketing and customer relationship team all over india.

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6. Insurance for Farms

We provide full insurance coverage for the poultry we supply and the cage we built. We will be compensating for the mortality happening,

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